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Had the worst day so far. Could not stop crying. The pain wa

Had the worst day so far. Could not stop crying. The pain was so overwhelming. I went to see the Book Club with friends. Bit mistake. Since I had seen it with H at times during the movie tears just flowed down my face without me realizing it. I drove home crying and screaming, hitting my steering wheel. I had physio today and while I lay on the bed having heat on my hands I actually good bye letters in my head to my children. When I got home I called my mother crying. I spent 2 hours on the phone with her as she talked me off the ledge. I’m ok now but I can’t believe I got to that point. I want this separation to be done so I can move on. But H is such a procrastinator I have to do all the work so it makes it worse. Like I am digging my own grave. I have actually begun to feel hate towards him for putting me through so much pain and anguish.

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9 hours ago

@scrappylady You are so right! He loses, & you win!

Anastasia76's picture
8 hours ago

I'm sorry you're going through this! (((Hugs)))
My husband and I are having a tough time right now (he's not really supportive or understanding of my depression) and while we might not be talking the D word, I feel very hurt by some things and don't know, if I really end up living with him for the rest of my life!?.. [Unless the rest will be cut short by myself..]
Right now our kids are still young (13 & 16) so I need to stay put where I am. Besides the fact that I have no support system nor any family or friends!..

I hope you will soon feel better being without him! <3

6 hours ago

@eddieeskew honestly I hope so as I could maybe get through this pain


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