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Thought i would start a check in thread so we can all post on the same thread what kind of exercise we did each day...hope to hear from each of you!! Those of you (LIZ!!) who do not have any weight to lose, you are right, daily exercise can tremendously lower your stress levels and keep that rust from forming in your joints!!
Sending all my love hugs and prayers for each of you!!

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Aug 18

@Celtic05 I am soo happy for you that the supplements and cream are helping you!! You want to know something funny? An elderly 75 year old neighbor and i were talking about menopause one day about 5 yrs ago and she went upstairs and came back with this jar of cream and i literally thought to myself "this crazy broad thinks some cream is going to fix ALL THIS??? I took it home and put it in my medicine cabinet...a year goes by and i am researching daily for the things i can do to help myself thru this..i run into the book i recommended to you and OMG, i had a jar of this magic cream in my possession!!! I RAN to my medicine cabinet and there it was!! I beagn using it that day and i truthfully dont think i will ever go without using it! Hubby even uses it to prevent prostate cancer!
NOW, how foolish do you think i felt having this awesome cream all that time but was too hard headed to try it?? Boy did i feel stupid...could have saved myself a whole year of MISERY!! And YES,,, the horrible vile things that spew from us during menopause is outrageous!! Im so glad that i was able to get all this under control!!

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16 hours ago

Walked two miles tonight after 3 days off. It is amazing how 3 days of not walking and eating like crap catch up with you. But back on track now!!! Got to get in semi shape for a beach trip in October with my daughter.

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15 hours ago

@Celtic05 woo hoo!! Good for you honey!! Glad you are back to it! You are on a mission!!
NOW, somebody get the cattle prod so I can get on the same mission!! Lol


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