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This week has been an emotional rollercoaster. My wife confe

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This week has been an emotional rollercoaster. My wife confessed she cheated 2 months ago, but has continued the affair. I've set boundaries, and it's funny how now she's concerned about what I'm doing. Where am I at, who am I with. I'm not chasing her or trying to convince her to stop the affair. I did the first few weeks, now I don't. It's hard not to react and text or call her. I'm not giving this affair anymore life. I'm focusing on me. It's hard to imagine her being intimate with someone else. It's truly torture, that's why I keep our conversations to bills etc. Funny how that now I'm not sitting at home all the time crying, she can't handle it. Very controlling, but I'm not the type of woman that needs to be controlled. I'm not perfect, I have my issues, but I've never represented myself or her in a bad light. It's hard to work on you and to know your wife is having an affair. I'm doing it, but it's really hard. My advice to anyone who is chasing their unfaithful spouse, realize that you can't control their actions. If you've suggested therapy, asked them to stop etc. and they haven't... work on yourself. We only control ourselves

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Aug 12

Good for you!

Aug 12

So true. It is good to work on yourself, but it is hard not to think about all the other stuff too. It does get a little easier as time goes by, but it's always still in the back of my mind.
Continue to work on yourself and stay busy!

Aug 13

Very true ... You can't control their actions


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