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Today I'm feeling so low i have just stared a court case aga

Today I'm feeling so low i have just stared a court case against my childs father for assualt and i do not know why i feel bad as if i did something wrong. I still live in this fear that he may hurt me i really want him to change so he can be a father to his daughter but i dont believe he ever will

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Aug 12

Hi HannahsMom_19 , Welcome to the Support Group. This sounds like a difficult time for you and I'm glad you found this place to reach out and talk.
I'm sorry you feel guilty. You have nothing to feel guilty about; however, I think it's probably a natural feeling for someone to have when they are a good and loving person. It takes a lot of strength and bravery to stand up for yourself. It sounds like you are a good mother.

Aug 18

I wannna thank you so much for your support and love at this time im just believing god will heal it .. Its crazy about the feeling guilty .. I also have court in September the 13th for some reason i dont feel scared i mean i think about it but gosh i want it to be over .. I mean the thing that is hurting the most is not even getting any help from the family or friends that said they loved her

Aug 18

I wish i could just let go .. Im so scared to attend counseling but i know i have to im so embarrassed of myself and the things i let him do to me .. And even let my daughter witness and go through..


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