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Hi everyone, i was dated a narcisist for 6 years. He discard

Hi everyone, i was dated a narcisist for 6 years. He discards me 2 months ago and i didnt begged him or do anything. I directly went no contact. He told me that i am ugly but its not true. I am much more attractive than him. But now he is love bombing the girls which are unattractive. Literally. If he can call me ugly than the girls he is talking much more uglier than me. I dont want to mean but i thought that the narcisist wants people that are much more popular and attractive around them. Why my narcisist choses them. Any ideas? Please help!

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Oct 13

I blocked him this morning and i asked my friend to check it out for me he also blocked me this afternoon. It is so hilarous. He just gone wild.

Oct 13

@Shibumi, at this point you are back in his game. He has your attention and your thoughts and that's all he wants. Block him, delete him, and stop torturing yourself by checking up on him. In order to move on, you need to remove him from your life. I know the strong pull of wanting...even feeling like you "need" to know who he is with or what he's doing. But I can tell you - it will never matter because his choices are his. Your choices are yours. You are defined by you, so make the choice to simply be you - free of a toxic person who will never care for anyone but himself.

Oct 15

@Shibumi good for you. Im glad you realize that you need to run. Because you do. It doesn't matter if he's a narc or not, either way he's not good for you and the relationship is toxic. Im guessing you're about 26/27 meaning that you have so much of your life to build. Your career for example.

When you're in a toxic situation, half your energy gets invested in the drama and you tend to focus less on your family and your career/interests.

Stay on this group for the next few months and read/ share your inputs and story. It kinds reminds you of why you left when you're able to openly talk about the abuse.


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