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Hi. I've new to online support groups. Sounds helpful. My f


Hi. I'm new to online support groups. Sounds helpful. My family of origin has narc parents and siblings. I'm the black sheep / scapegoat of the family. About 3 months ago, I went no contact. My 2 sisters and mother want me to respond so they can use me and my husband. It's been hard but I know that they never loved me - just loved what I did for them. Anyone have this type of lifelong experience out there?

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Oct 10

@Alex.Blue I've been watching a lot of YouTube experts about narc relationships. I did a Google search and found them. This helps me to remain calmer even though it's really hard.

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Oct 10

Hi!! Welcome! Yes, me too.

Oct 11

@cdieu thanks I will check them out.


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