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Wow! This night was 100% crazy. My house went on the market

Wow! This night was 100% crazy. My house went on the market today and right on cue, she showed up and had a complete meltdown. Accused me of sleeping with her friend, because I had talked to her once in public. The friend texted me telling me to look out for the crazy freight train heading my way. I couldn't even keep up with all the stuff she was spouting. It was just one insult after another. She said I was gross, despicable etc....I just grey rocked her. Finally she left. It was terrifying. I've seen her mad and mean before, but this was an indescribable fury. I didn't expect this after 2 months of NC, but I guess I should have.
And no, I did not sleep with her friend. I'm a bit shaken, but this solidifies that I made the right decision to walk out that door two months ago. @Ducktape I'm pretty sure you called this yesterday.

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Oct 11

@outonalimb68 will be here before you know it!

Oct 11

There is a term called "Narcissistic Injury." Most often it occurs when the mask is suddenly pulled off and the deception exposed. They go completely nuts, firing in all directions. The term doesn't necessarily apply here, but she most likely had a plan that she was trying to orchestrate. She had been predicting your responses and suddenly with the house being listed, she realized that her plan and orchestrations were not controlling you. She swooped in to devalue you to try to force you back into the box she had believed she had you in.

The narc sees you as an object, not a person. A possession that she owns. You are not allowed to leave the box without her permission. This is a dangerous period for you and her because she now realizes that the hook she placed within you has began to dissolve. I don't know the level of her desperation, but "watch your back, Jack."

Oct 11

@Ducktape I’m watching. Thanks.


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